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FENCINGL WIRE REEL: Rugged basic equipment you keep in the back of your truck along with a coil of wire. The Drivall Wire Reel will take up almost no space yet is ready in seconds to make sure you avoid those rook's nest of wire when there's an emergency repair. This model has a drive in spike and adjustable setting for all standard coil sizes.
Fencing Wire Reel
FENCING WIRE DISPENSER - CAT H540: Both Adjustable & Collapsible. Handles all fencing wire sizes, this wire dispenser folds up for ease of carrying in difficult country. Available in spike or Y footing or Spike Foot
Fencing Wire Dispenser
CLAMP STRAINER - CAT H406: This Fence Strainer has been especially designed for straining up all classes of prefabricated fencing.
Clamp Strainer
WIRE STRAINER WITH SMOOTH GRIP CHAIN GRAB - CAT H300: Trouble free fence straining for years and years. Suitable for any diameters 1.6 to 5.0mm wire fence. Smooth or barbed fence wire.
Wire Strainer
PERMANENT IN-LINE WIRE STRAINER - CAT H302 - Over the life of a fence, Hayes permanent wire strainers act to maintain the correct tension to the fence wires strands, ensuring continuous safe pasture enclosure, and maximum economic life of the fence investment. They can be adjusted by the use of the tightening handle or wrench applied to the wheel shaft's bevelled ends.
Permanent In-line Wire Strainer
Permanent In-line Wire Strainer Tightening Tool
HAYES STEEL STRAINER CLAMPS: Made from steel, designed for quick easy operation, no nuts and bolts, simple 'hammer-in' wedges. For deer and game fence use Hayes Cat No. H508S/1.9 (6'), for livestock and top-up fences use Cat No. H508/1.2 (3'33").
Hayes Steel Strainer Clamps
Hayes Steel Strainer Clamps
GRIPPER WIRE TENSIONING TOOL: Fits all agricultural Gripple models, plain wire & wire rope. Generates up to 400Kg/800lb of tension and is made from hardened steel & engineering grade polymer giving an overall weight of 750gm / 1.6lb
Gripper Wire Tensioning Tool
HAND POST KNOCKER or RAMMER: Heavy duty Steel 6" diameter for fast and secure driving-in of Fencing Posts.
Hand Post Knocker
Fencing Post Maul
HAYES EZECRIMP MULTI-CRIMP TOOL - CAT H600: Cuts-Strips-Crimps, EzeCrimp joins wire with a choice of 5 crimps - 2.50mm, 3.15mm, 4.0mm plus a 2.50 electric crimp and 2.50mm standard barb wire crimp. The cutters on the tip allow you to cut in close.
The stripping notch easily removes electric fence underground-cable insulation.
Hayes EzeCrimp H600 Multi-Crimp
HAYES SUPERCRIMP MULTI-CRIMP: Cuts-Strips-Crimps Combines all the features of the world famous Hayes Ezepull and Hayes EzeCrimp in one superb tool. Its two way staple puller removes even the toughest staples with ease. The crimping jaws are suitable for all wire types and types of crimps.
Hayes SuperCrimp Multi-Crimp Tool
SHUV HOLER: An agricultural post-hole digger with steel handle, digs an 8" minimum
diameter hole. Ideal for gate posts etc.
Shuv Holers
POST HOLE DIGGERS - WOODEN HANDLES: Clears soil from your fence post holes easily. The post hole digger with wooden handles is perfect for home use and is great for assisting in the erection of a garden fence. The post hole digger with metal handles is a little larger and is better suited to larger holes such as those used with gate posts.
Post Hole Digger - Wooden Handles
ALL PURPOSE SHOVEL: Durable shovel with deep polypropylene scoop fitted with aluminium profile. Ideal for stable, amenity and general purpose use. Fitted with comfortable 'D' handle ensuring long lasting and comfortable work with this tool.
All Purpose shovel
    Shovel Height - 132cm, Scoop Height - 48cm, Scoop Width - 38cm