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HARDWOOD & SOFTWOOD GATES - we stock a large range of quality softwood timber gates in treated softwood, designed to last a life time with only minimal recommended maintenance - sizes from 0.9m to 4.2m, other non standard gates can be made to order.
All hardwood gates are made to order using either Iroko or Keurin
3.6m softwood ranch gate 1.2m & 2.4m softwood field/entrance gate 3.6m softwood ranch gate
Softwood Ranch Gate 3.6m, treated & stained to customer requirements, with 2.4m 200x200 gate posts Softwood Field/Entrance gate treated 1.2m & 2.4m,
with 2.4m 200x200 gate posts
Softwood Ranch Gate treated 3.6m,
with 2.4m 200x200 gate posts
3.6m softwood field/entrance gate 0.9m field/entrance softwood treated gate 1.2m field/entrance softwood treated gate
Softwood Field/Entrance gate treated 3.6m
(comes with the centre brace as standard)
Field/Entrance softwood treated gate 0.9m Field/Entrance softwood treated gate 1.2m

TIMBER CLASSIFICATION - Timber is broadly classified into two groups - softwoods and hardwoods. This can be confusing because the terms do not relate to the relative hardness of the wood but to the type of tree from which it comes. Softwood species come from evergreen coniferous trees, hardwoods from broadleaved trees. Within each group there are many different species of wood.
The key factor in selecting wood for use out-of-doors is durability - its ability to resist the conditions that give rise to decay

CUSTOM MADE GATES - Entrances to properties come in all sizes and frequently gates must be custom made to fit the opening accurately.
This gives you the opportunity not only to have a perfectly fitted gate but also to influence its style, materials and structure. Of equal importance are the mounting posts and how they and the gates complement the adjacent fence or hedge.
With the freedom to specify your own type of gate to match your instructions, we can make sure that the result is a grand entrance that is perfectly in keeping with the style and presentation of your property.

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