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We mainly stock Tornado wire products as in our opinion their wire is the best quality on the market.Tornado has been manufacturing and supplying wire
fencing products for more than 30 years. They revolutionised the industry by introducing high tensile fencing to the UK, and have since continued to develop
high-performance solutions for the agricultural, equestrian and industrial market sectors. Because they started life as fencing contractors, they know the
markets they operate in very well, and have a unique perspective on what each market needs.

BARB WIRE - Barbed wire provides vital protection to the fence by preventing downward pressure from cattle or other heavy animals. Titan™ - a heavy duty High Tensile (HT) for ultimate strength, and Mild Steel (MS) - which is a traditional barbed wire generally used with MS net fences. Both are manufactured to BSEN 10223-1 and galvanized to BSEN 10244-2 Class A, to guarantee the highest quality.
Green Mild Steel Barb 200m Mild Steel High Tensile Galvenised cranked barb wire brackets available with 2 or 3 strands.


  • Sheep
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Security Topping


  • Suitable for a wide variety of fencing applications
  • Choice of Titan™, HT and MS barbed wire
  • Titan™ & HT barbed wire is reverse twisted, making it some of the safest barbed wire to use
  • Supplied on wooden reels for safe unrolling

COILED FENCING WIRE - Coiled wire can be used for supporting strained wire netting, controlling stock or simply to extend the height of a fence. A wide range of specifications is available in High Tensile (HT) and Mild Steel (MS) for a variety of applications.


  • Electric Fence
  • Fence Topping
  • Vine and Plant Support
  • Comprehensive choice of grades, roll length and diameters providing a cost effective solution
  • Available in 2.5 or 3.15mm thick and 5, 10 & 25kg coils
  • Heavily galvanised for maximum life

STAPLES & NAILS - Staples are the first choice for secure fencing; Barbed staples have been specifically designed for use in softwood posts. If a post dries out and splits, the barb will resist being pulled out. Either choice can be easily carried to the fence line in 5, 10 or 20kg re-sealable plastic buckets. An extensive range of galvanised nails in a variety of specifications are available in 1kg pre-packed up to 25kg boxes.

Barbed Staples Staples sold by the 10 Kg or 20 Kg Bucke Staples sold by the Packet
Galvanised Fencing Nails Galvanised Fencing Nails sold by the Packet  
  • All Fencing Applications
  • Staples supplied in 5, 10 or 20kg re-sealable buckets
  • Nails supplied in 1kg pre packed up to 20kg boxes
  • Suitable for a wide variety of fencing applications


Fencing Barrel Strainers  Used to adjust the tension
 in line wire or wire rope
Ratchet Strainers - Used on concrete or wooden posts. A cam and ratchet system makes it easy to add tension. Ratchet Strainers - In Line

PERMANENT IN-LINE WIRE STRAINER - Over the life of a fence, Hayes permanent wire strainers act to maintain the correct tension to the fence wires strands, ensuring continuous safe pasture enclosure, and maximum economic life of the fence investment. They can be adjusted by the use of the tightening handle or wrench applied to the wheel shaft's bevelled ends.


Gripple Plus

The new and improved Gripple Plus offers even more benefits than the original Gripple. It has all the speed and convenience that Gripple has long been associated with, but now offers even better grip, versatility and longevity.

The versatility of the new Gripple Plus is even more evident in fencing as it can be used on field and livestock fencing, plain and barbed wire fencing,

H-post bracing and electric fencing. With improved smooth wire entry features, Gripple Plus is quick and easy to use. Installation is easier and faster giving you more time to tackle other jobs.

The new patented ceramic gripping mechanism provides a better grip on today's hard, high-tensile wire, and locks it in place to give it strength. In addition it performs better where fertilisers and sprays are used.

Repairing damaged fencing is simple too. The Gripple allows you to make quick repairs or replace sections of wire meaning that your fence will stand the test of time.

Gripple Setting Key

  • Use with Gripple Plus Small, Medium & Large
  • Use ONLY before tension is applied
  • Allows the Gripple unit to be moved backwards on the wire if pushed on too far
  • The setting key allows adjustment of the Gripple on the wire (before tension) – ensuring a professional, balanced finish every time.

    Gripple Plus can be used for:
  • Field and livestock netting
  • Barbed wire
  • Plain wire fencing
  • H-post bracing
  • Electric fencing for cattle

The fast way to install and tension fencing. Gripples can be used on field and livestock fencing, barbed wire and plain wire.


  • Positional setting key - allows a Gripple that has been pushed on too far, to be brought back.
  • Supreme performance - the innovative design has been subject to rigorous endurance tests to ensure it withstands extreme weather conditions, temperatures, humidity, dynamics and impact.
  • Long Lasting - zinc, ceramics, and stainless steel combine to produce a mechanism that absorbs the load and resists the effects of the environment.
  • High load strength - takes higher loads and provides superior corrosion resistance.
  • Gripples for electric fencing are supplied with a plastic coating.

Gripple T-Clips
  • Forget knotting or stapling at the end posts
  • Use a Gripple T-Clip to start or end netting
  • No need to remove or cut any wires
  • Works on 2.00-3.25 mm wire
  • Simply 'twist and push'


Hayes Joining Sleeves - A cost effective method of permanently joining all types of fencing netting & wire.

  • 1.6mm – 2.5mm (12g) – Use for High Tensile Wire and 2.5 Plain Wire.
  • 2.5mm – 3.15mm (10g) – Use for HT Barbed Wire and 3.15
  • 3.55mm – 4.00mm (8g) – Use for Mild Steel Netting and MS Barbed Wire

Gripper Wire Tensioning Tool

Fits all agricultural Gripple models, plain wire & wire rope. Generates up to 400Kg/800lb of tension and is made from hardened steel & engineering grade polymer giving an overall weight of 750gm / 1.6lb

Gripper Wire Tensioning Tool

The Contractor tool is strong, robust and built for contractors - producing the same
tension with much less effort
  • All metal construction for added durability and strength
  • 10:1 mechanical advantage helps you apply the same tension, with less effort
  • Gear driven, long handles for increased leverage
  • Quick release cam to position the tool easily on the wire
  • Soft, moulded, ergonomic grips for added comfort

Grapples Twister (left)

  • The fast and easy way to tidy and secure tail wires
  • Simply twist on to the line wire & secure the tail wire
  • Works on 2.00 - 3.25mm wire
  • Use on plain wire or netting
  • Makes fences safe, for both livestock and humans!
  • Tidies up trellis wires too